Here you will find external links to some freely available resources on the web.

Ultracold gases

  • Mueller Research Group: Ultracold atom theory at Cornell — our group website
  • Ultracold Atom News: Tracking activity in the field of neutral quantum degenerate gases
  • arXiv: Daily research articles on quantum gases
  • Nobel Lecture (pdf) by Eric Cornell and Carl Wieman on Bose-Einstein condensation in a dilute gas
  • Newton Lecture (video) by Debbie Jin on ultracold gases

Physics education

To find exercise problems, animations, and notes prepared by me, visit my Teaching page.

Softwares and Computing

  • Wolfram: Computation resource
  • Texmaker: Cross-platform open source LaTeX editor
  • CTAN: Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
  • StackExchange: Useful Q&A sites on a variety of topics, including Mathematica and TeX.
  • LaTeXiT: Graphical interface to insert LaTeX equations into presentation slides
  • MaTeX: LaTeX typesetting in Mathematica
  • TeX for Gmail for inserting LaTeX equations in Gmail
  • Cornell IT — Software Licensing at reduced price for students and faculty
  • PECF: Physics Educational Computing Facility at Cornell

Essays and Articles


Collected works