Here you will find external links to some freely available resources on the web.

Ultracold gases

Physics education

To find exercise problems, animations, and notes prepared by me, visit my Teaching page.

Softwares and Computing

  • Wolfram: Computation resource
  • ITensor: Intelligent Tensor Library
  • Texmaker: Cross-platform open source LaTeX editor
  • CTAN: Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
  • StackExchange: Useful Q&A sites on a variety of topics, including Mathematica and TeX.
  • LaTeXiT: Graphical interface to insert LaTeX equations into presentation slides
  • MaTeX: LaTeX typesetting in Mathematica
  • TeX for Gmail for inserting LaTeX equations in Gmail (Chrome)
  • Cornell IT — Software Licensing at reduced price for students and faculty
  • PECF: Physics Educational Computing Facility at Cornell
  • TCM Computing: Computing Resources and softwares at TCM and Cambridge

Essays and Articles


Collected works